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11/11/2012 | Argentina’s president rocked by biggest protest for a decade

Bo Wilson

Tens of thousands of Argentinians blocked the streets of Buenos Aires in the country’s largest anti-government protests in more than a decade.


Demonstrators marched against rising inflation, crime and corruption under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whose popularity has plummeted since she was re-elected last year as the economy wobbles.

There have been claims that Ms Kirchner will try to alter the country’s constitution to allow her to run for a third term. There were rallies across Argentina in neighbouring Uruguay and at embassies around the world, including the Brook Street mission in London.

In Buenos Aires, crowds filled the Plaza de Mayo in front of the presidential palace and chanted: “We’re not afraid.”

According to official figures, inflation in Argentina is at 12 per cent, but economists say it is much higher. The president defended her policies, saying they helped rescue the country from economic crisis a decade ago.

“During boom times it’s easy to run a country but try running it when it’s crumbling,” she said.

Evening Standard (Reino Unido)


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