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12/03/2018 | UK - Crime: Counter-terrorism police investigating ¨Punish a Muslim Day¨ letters offering rewards for Islamophobic violence

Chris Baynes

Detectives launch hate crime probe after families across UK receive post urging attacks on Muslims-


Counter-terrorism police have launched a hate crime investigation after letters urging people to carry out attacks on Muslims were posted across the country.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed it had received around six reports of letters advertising “Punish a Muslim Day”, while people in London and Birmingham said identical post had been delivered to their homes.

The letters promise “rewards” for violent acts ranging from verbal abuse of Muslims to burning or bombing mosques.

They detail a points-based scoring system, rising from 25 “points” for pulling the headscarf off a Muslim woman to 2,500 for “nuke Mecca”. The letters also encourage people to “torture” and “butcher” Muslims in a day of Islamophobic violence on 3 April.

West Yorkshire Police said it had obtained some of the letters for further analysis as the force investigates their origin.

A spokesman said: “Counter Terrorism Policing North East are coordinating the investigation at this time and will consider any potential links to existing enquiries.

“Anyone with any concerns about a communication they may have received should contact their local police force.”

A Bradford councillor was among the recipients of the letter, which he said had been posted to his business address.

“When I opened it and saw the content I was horrified,” he told the Telegraph and Argus.

“I think it has been sent out by a group with the intent of alarming people and to stir up racial hatred.

“My main concern is that it could get into the hands of other disaffected people in Bradford who just need that push to act. Some people may look at is at a sick joke. I don’t.

“I am alarmed by its content, especially where it mentions acid because of all the recent reports in the media of acid attacks.”

He said the letter was not addressed to anyone and appeared to have been “sent out randomly”. It had been stamped at a sorting office in Sheffield.

Social media users in London and Birmingham also reported receiving the letters.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said it was not yet clear whether any criminal allegations relating to the letters had been reported in the capital.


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