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01/11/2011 | 'CFK's reelection strengthens bilateral relations,' Chilean ambassador says

Buenos Aires Herald - Staff

Chilean ambassador to Argentina Adolfo Zaldívar assured that President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s reelection “allows for the strengthening of bilateral relations and a more profound integration between both countries.”


“The relationship with Chile and integration in particular, has been very clear and it’s a very strong aspect of her administration, in which she has clearly insisted on moving forward and deepening Argentina’s relationship with Chile,” the diplomat assured in an interview.

Zaldívar assured that there is a decision by the Argentine presidency to support all bilateral policies of “physical and energetic connectivity.”

“This is fundamental, because without connectivity, integration is merely a statement in the economic and social areas,” he explained.

Both countries are currently working on projects such as the Aguas Negras tunnel, expected to unite the San Juan province with the Chilean regions of Coquimbo and Atacama, and the bi-oceanic corridor, which will unite Buenos Aires with Valparaíso and San Antonio.

The diplomat recalled the meeting that Chilean president Sebastián Piñera held last May 14th with 14 Argentine governors in order to discuss connectivity issues, as well as physical, energetic and commercial integration.

Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)


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