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22/02/2010 | Chile's Piñera calls for changes within OAS

Buenos Aires Herald - Staff

Chile's president-elect, Sebastián Piñera, said that he would propose changes in order to modernize the Organization of American States during the Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Unit.


The principal topic of debate at the meeting will be whether or not another organization will be created to replace the current one.

Piñera made the announcement through a press release, adding that he would express his concerns over the perfection of the OAS' Democratic Letter so that the organization can "play its role of protecting and strengthening democracy."

In his opinión, the fundamental role of the OAS is to "fight for human rights and be an instrument for economic integration and development in every member country," according to that cited by a news agency.

Piñera will attend the meeting, invited by President Michelle Bachelet, and will meet also with several heads of state, amongst them President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina, President Luiz Lula da Silva of Brazil, President Rafarl Correa of Ecuador and President Felipe Calderón of Mexico.

The meeting counts on the presence of leaders from 32 Latin-American countries and Caribbean countries, and will attempt to create an organism similar to the one already in place, but without the inclusion of the United States and Canada.

Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)


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