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14/10/2011 | Uruguay's gov't praises relationship with Argentina; Vázquez ratifies statement

Buenos Aires Herald - Staff

Uruguayan Presidential Legal Secretary, Alberto Breccia, assured on Thursday that the statements made by former President of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, “will not affect the intense and warm relationship we have with Argentina.”


Vázquez caused a stir on Wednesday by stating that he had considered armed conflict in 2006 and had asked the United States for military assistance during the long-standing disagreement between his country and Argentina regarding the pulp mill situated on the river bordering the two countries.

Likewise, Braccia admitted that he would have wanted Vázquez not to make such comments, but made clear that “the relationship between both nations is healthier than ever. Presidents Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and José Mujica talk on daily basis”, and added, “All the fuzz generated has to do more with the opposition trying to take advantage out of Vázquez’s statement since he is likely to be the ruling party’s next presidential candidate.”

Even though the harsh comments made by members of the opposition in his own country, and the ones coming from Argentine officials such as Chief of Staff, Aníbal Fernández, and former Foreign Minister, Rafael Bielsa, the former leader of the neighbouring country came on stage to ratify his statement.

“Now everybody is shocked by my comments and forget that during the most heated point of the conflict we deployed the army as activists in Gualeguaychú had threatened to come to set protests in our own territory and carrying dynamite, plus they also threatened with occupying the pulp mill company.”

Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)


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